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        On this page you can find various information on the PDP-11, peripherals, data formats, as well as documentation of software and operating systems running on the PDP-11


File Size Description
pdp11-faq.txt 93.74 Kb PDP-11 FAQ
fieldguide.txt 23.10 Kb Field Guide to Q-BUS and UNIBUS Modules
pdp11-instr.txt 19.90 Kb PDP-11 Instruction Set
pdp11-instr.pdf 77.18 Kb PDP-11 Instruction Set
pdp11-cpu.pdf 95.76 Kb PDP-11 CPU Documentation
pdp11-devs.txt 10.74 Kb Short review of device registers
dec-disks.txt 11.08 Kb Short reference of DEC disks
dec-tapes.txt 1.91 Kb Short reference of DEC tapes
bootstraps.html 8.19 Kb PDP-11 Bootstrap Loaders
1806vm2.zip 1.55 Mb 1806ВМ2 processor description
ascii.txt 1.14 Kb ASCII codes table
radix-50.txt 1.00 Kb RADIX-50 codes table

DEC Professional

File Size Description
pro300tec1.zip 21.47 Mb Professional 300 Series Techincal Manual Volume 1. Kernel System.
pro300tec2.zip 18.01 Mb Professional 300 Series Techincal Manual Volume 2. Options.
profaq.zip 44.12 Kb DEC Professional Computer FAQ


File Size Description
vt100.html 18.79 Kb VT100 Programming Reference
ek-vt220-in-001.zip 257.34 Kb VT220 Installation Guide
ek-vt220-ps-003.zip 1.25 Mb VT220 Pocket Service Guide
ek-vt240-hr-002.zip 1.11 Mb VT240 Programmer Pocket Guide
ek-vt240-ps-002.zip 2.15 Mb VT240 Pocket Service Guide


File Size Description
iasv34-dev.zip 9.46 Mb IAS V3.4 Device Handlers Reference Manual
iasv34-drvwrt.zip 4.68 Mb IAS V3.4 Guide to Writing a Device Handler Task
iasv34-exec.zip 7.24 Mb IAS V3.4 Executive Facilities Reference Manual
iasv34-mastidx.zip 7.10 Mb IAS V3.4 Master Index and Documentation Directory
iasv34-pds.zip 10.52 Mb IAS V3.4 PDS User's Guide
iasv34-progdev.zip 5.31 Mb IAS V3.4 Guide to Program Development
iasv34-relnot.zip 680.66 Kb IAS V3.4 Release Notes
iasv34-spd.zip 603.58 Kb IAS V3.4 Software Product Description
iasv34-sysgen.zip 7.27 Mb IAS V3.4 Installation and System Generation Guide
iasv34-sysman.zip 12.08 Mb IAS V3.4 System Management Guide


File Size Description
rsxm41-mastidx.zip 18.30 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11S V4.1 Master Directory and Master Index
rsxm41-relnot.zip 6.27 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11S V4.1/RMS V2.0 Release Notes
rsxm41-spd.zip 784.59 Kb RSX-11M V4.1 Software Product Description
rsxm41-sysgen.zip 16.71 Mb RSX-11M V4.1 System Generation ans Installation Guide
rsxm41-util.zip 23.62 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ V2.1 Utilities Manual
rsxm41-qmg.zip 8.33 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ V2.1 Batch and Queue Operations Manual
rsxm41-cda.zip 15.44 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ V2.1 Crash Dump Analyzer Reference Manual
rsxm41-errlog.zip 19.32 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ V2.1 Error Logging Manual
rsxm41-sysmgmt.zip 39.93 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ V2.1 System Management Guide
rsxm41-syslib.zip 4.68 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ V2.1/RSX-11D V6.2/IAS V3.1 System Library Routines Reference Manual
rsxm41-dcl.zip 30.88 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ V2.1 Command Language Manual
rsxm41-iodrvref.zip 23.59 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ V2.1 I/O Drivers Reference Manual
rsxm41-mcr.zip 37.59 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ V2.1 MCR Operations Manual
rsxm41-edt.zip 33.98 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ V2.1 EDT Editor Manual V3.0
rsxm41-tkb.zip 39.90 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ V2.1 Task Builder Manual
rsxm41-rmsintro.zip 2.08 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ RMS-11: An Introduction (RMS-11 V2.0)
rsxm41-rmsug.zip 8.44 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ RMS-11 User's Guide (RMS-11 V2.0)
rsxm41-rmsutil.zip 9.16 Mb RSX-11M V4.1/RSX-11M+ RMS-11 Utilities (RMS-11 V2.0)
rsxm41-macro11.zip 9.22 Mb PDP-11 MACRO-11 Language Reference Manual (MACRO-11 Version 5)
rsxm41-f4.zip 7.17 Mb PDP-11 FORTRAN IV Language Reference Manual (FORTRAN IV Version 2.6)
rsxm41-f77.zip 10.48 Mb PDP-11 FORTRAN 77 Language Reference Manual (FORTRAN 77 Version 5.0)
rsxm40-intro.zip 7.12 Mb RSX-11M V4.0/RSX-11M+ V2.0 Introduction
rsxm40-progdev.zip 5.56 Mb RSX-11M V4.0/RSX-11M+ V2.0 Guide to Program Development
rsxm40-iooper.zip 13.57 Mb RSX-11M V4.0/RSX-11M+ V2.0/IAS V3.1 I/O Operations Manual
rsxm40-iodrvwrt.zip 9.42 Mb RSX-11M V4.0 Guide to Writing I/O Driver
rsxm40-exec.zip 33.23 Mb RSX-11M V4.0/RSX-11M+ V2.0 Executive Reference Manual
rsxm40-odt.zip 4.20 Mb RSX-11M V4.0/RSX-11M+ V2.0/IAS V3.1 ODT Reference Manual
rsxm31-sysl1.zip 19.80 Mb RSX-11M V3.1 System Logic Manual Volume 1
rsxm31-sysl2.zip 9.06 Mb RSX-11M V3.1 System Logic Manual Volume 2
rsxmp46-relnot.zip 7.30 Mb RSX-11M+ 4.6 Release Notes
rsxmp43-sysgen.zip 13.09 Mb RSX-11M+ 4.3 System Generation and Installation Guide
rsxmp41-mastidx.zip 14.34 Mb RSX-11M+ V4.1 Information Directory and Master Index
rsxmp40-intro.zip 5.22 Mb RSX-11M+ 4.0 Introduction to RSX-11M-PLUS
rsxmp40-iodrvwrt.zip 8.53 Mb RSX-11M+ 4.0/MicroRSX 4.0 Guide to Writion an I/O Driver
rsxmp40-cmdlm.zip 19.23 Mb RSX-11M+ V4.0 Command Language Manual
rsxmp40-mcrops.zip 14.15 Mb RSX-11M+ V4.0 MCR Operations Manual
rsxmp40-icmp.zip 4.24 Mb RSX-11M+ V4.0 Indirect Command Processor Manual
rsxmp40-util.zip 16.83 Mb RSX-11M+ V4.0 Utilities Manual
rsxmp40-cdarm.zip 6.35 Mb RSX-11M+ V4.0/MicroRSX V4.0 Crash Dump Analyzer Reference Manual
rsxmp40-batch.zip 3.18 Mb RSX-11M+ 4.0 Batch and Queue Operations Manual
rsxmp40-errlog.zip 8.05 Mb RSX-11M+ 4.0/MicroRSX 4.0 Error Logging Manual
rsxmp40-exec.zip 12.40 Mb RSX-11M+ 4.0/MicroRSX 4.0 Executive Reference Manual
rsxmp40-progdev.zip 3.94 Mb RSX-11M+ 4.0 Guide to Program Development
rsxmp40-syslib.zip 3.66 Mb RSX-11M+ 4.0/MicroRSX 4.0 System Library Routines Refernce Manual
rsxmp40-xdt.zip 1.66 Mb RSX-11M+ 4.0/MicroRSX 4.0 XDT Reference Manual


File Size Description
slm11d.zip 2.08 Mb RSX-11D System Logic Manual
rsxd6b-spd.zip 379.64 Kb RSX-11D V6B Software Product Description
rsxd62-docdir.zip 614.03 Kb RSX-11D V6.2 Documentation Directory
rsxd62-relnot.zip 2.34 Mb RSX-11D V6.2 Release Notes
rsxd62-sysgen.zip 3.87 Mb RSX-11D V6.2 System Generation Reference Manual


File Size Description
rstsv70-bplus.zip 10.87 Mb RSTS/E V7.0 BASIC-PLUS Language Manual
rstsv70-docdir.zip 857.33 Kb RSTS/E V7.0 Documentation Directory
rstsv70-editor.zip 2.24 Mb RSTS/E V7.0 Text Editor Manual
rstsv70-forutl.zip 8.66 Mb RSTS/E V7.0 FORTRAN IV Utilities Manual
rstsv70-progref.zip 20.12 Mb RSTS/E V7.0 Programming Manual
rstsv70-relnot.zip 36.14 Mb RSTS/E V7.0 Release Notes
rstsv70-spd.zip 812.24 Kb RSTS/E V7.0 Software Product Description
rstsv70-sysdir.zip 19.97 Mb RSTS/E V7.0 System Directives Manual
rstsv70-sysgen.zip 23.28 Mb RSTS/E V7.0 System Generation Manual
rstsv70-sysgenc.zip 122.17 Kb RSTS/E V7.0 System Generation Charts
rstsv70-sysman.zip 24.76 Mb RSTS/E V7.0 System Manager's Guide
rstsv70-tkb.zip 10.09 Mb RSTS/E V7.0 Task Builder Reference Manual
rstsv70-userman.zip 24.59 Mb RSTS/E V7.0 System User's Guide
rstsv97-docdir.zip 1.59 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 Documentation Directory
rstsv97-edt.zip 34.71 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 EDT Editor Manual
rstsv97-insupd.zip 19.45 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 System Installation and Update Guide
rstsv97-insupdc.zip 167.21 Kb RSTS/E V9.7 System Installation and Update Charts
rstsv97-macro.zip 15.67 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 Macro Programmers's Guide
rstsv97-macro11.zip 11.92 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 MACRO-11 Language Reference Manual
rstsv97-progman.zip 34.50 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 Programming Manual
rstsv97-maint.zip 6.96 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 Maintenance Notebook
rstsv97-relnot.zip 4.43 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 Release Notes
rstsv97-rmsintro.zip 2.32 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 RMS-11 an Introduction
rstsv97-rmsug.zip 9.14 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 RMS-11 User's Guide
rstsv97-rmsutl.zip 11.67 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 RMS-11 Utilities
rstsv97-sysdir.zip 31.65 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 System Directives Manual
rstsv97-sysman.zip 28.53 Mb RSTS/E V9.7 System Manager's Guide


File Size Description
dnrsx46-relnot.zip 2.63 Mb DECnet-11M/S 4.8, DECnet-11M+/MicroRSX 4.6 Supplemental Information and Release Notes
dnrsx43-netman.zip 10.31 Mb DECnet-11M/S 4.5, DECnet-11M+/MicroRSX 4.3 Network Management Concepts and Procedures
dnrsx43-manutil.zip 8.11 Mb DECnet-11M/S 4.5, DECnet-11M+/MicroRSX 4.3 Guide to Network Management Utilities
dnrsx43-netgen.zip 7.74 Mb DECnet-11M/S 4.5, DECnet-11M+/MicroRSX 4.3 Network Generation and Installation Guide
dnrsx43-progref.zip 10.01 Mb DECnet-11M/S 4.5, DECnet-11M+/MicroRSX 4.3 Programmer's Reference Manual
dnrsx43-usrutil.zip 4.84 Mb DECnet-11M/S 4.5, DECnet-11M+/MicroRSX 4.3 Guide to User Utilities

Files-11, RMS-11

File Size Description
ods1.txt 86.78 Kb Files-11 On-Disk Structure Specification, November 1986
ods1.doc 87.00 Kb Files-11 On-Disk Structure Specification, November 1986
ods2a.txt 200.01 Kb Files-11 Level 2 On-Disk Structure Specification, January 1979
rmsint.txt 340.75 Kb A Brief Overview of RMS-11 Internals


File Size Description
rtv40-autopatch.zip 965.12 Kb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 Autopatch Release Notes
rtv40-basic.zip 7.85 Mb RT-11 V4.0: BASIC-11 Language Reference Manual
rtv40-basins.zip 1.36 Mb RT-11 V4.0: BASIC-11/RT-11 Installation Guide
rtv40-basspd.zip 218.71 Kb RT-11 V4.0: BASIC-11/RT-11 V2 Software Product Description
rtv40-basug.zip 2.13 Mb RT-11 V4.0: BASIC-11/RT-11 User's Guide
rtv40-docdir1.zip 1.02 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 Documentation Directory (Jan 1980)
rtv40-docdir2.zip 1.02 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 Documentation Directory (Mar 1981)
rtv40-fortran.zip 19.01 Mb RT-11 V4.0: PDP-11 FORTRAN Language Reference Manual
rtv40-ftnins.zip 1.38 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 FORTRAN IV Installation Guide
rtv40-ftnug.zip 6.65 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11/RSTS/E FORTRAN IV User's Guide
rtv40-install.zip 17.11 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 Installation Guide and System Generation Manual
rtv40-instsum.zip 860.15 Kb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 Installation Summary Cards
rtv40-intro.zip 13.14 Mb RT-11 V4.0: Introduction to RT-11
rtv40-introupd.zip 972.78 Kb RT-11 V4.0: Introduction to RT-11 (Update Notice No. 1)
rtv40-ked.zip 8.74 Mb RT-11 V4.0: PDP-11 Keypad Editor User's Guide
rtv40-kedrn.zip 153.54 Kb RT-11 V4.0: PDP-11 Keypad Editor Release Notes
rtv40-macro.zip 11.91 Mb RT-11 V4.0: PDP-11 MACRO-11 Language Reference Manual
rtv40-mastidx.zip 4.78 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 Master Index
rtv40-mesg.zip 8.55 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 System Message Manual
rtv40-mesgupd.zip 2.77 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 System Message Manual (Update Notice No. 1)
rtv40-prog.zip 18.48 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 Programmer's Reference Manual
rtv40-relnot.zip 2.37 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 System Release Notes
rtv40-soft.zip 27.98 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 Software Support Manual
rtv40-teco.zip 8.13 Mb RT-11 V4.0: PDP-11 TECO User's Guide
rtv40-usrguide.zip 33.63 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 System User's Guide
rtv40-usrgupd.zip 12.00 Mb RT-11 V4.0: RT-11 System User's Guide (Update Notice No. 1)
rtv50-inst.zip 10.83 Mb RT-11 V5.0: RT-11 Installation Guide
rtv50-prog.zip 19.82 Mb RT-11 V5.0: RT-11 Programmer's Reference Manual
rtv50-soft.zip 29.75 Mb RT-11 V5.0: RT-11 Software Support Manual
rtv50-sysgen.zip 4.84 Mb RT-11 V5.0: RT-11 System Generation Guide
rtv51-docg.zip 977.52 Kb RT-11 V5.1: Guide to RT-11 Documentation
rtv51-inst.zip 9.63 Mb RT-11 V5.1: RT-11 Installation Guide
rtv51-intro.zip 11.56 Mb RT-11 V5.1: Introduction to RT-11
rtv51-prog.zip 15.86 Mb RT-11 V5.1: RT-11 Programmer's Reference Manual
rtv51-relnot.zip 9.60 Mb RT-11 V5.1: RT-11 System Release Notes
rtv51-soft.zip 23.34 Mb RT-11 V5.1: RT-11 Software Support Manual
rtv51-sysgen.zip 4.04 Mb RT-11 V5.1: RT-11 System Generation Guide
rtv51-sysutl.zip 16.59 Mb RT-11 V5.1: RT-11 System Utilities Manual
rtv56-autoins.zip 95.27 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 Automatic Installation Guide
rtv56-commands.zip 973.77 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 Commands Manual
rtv56-dbg.zip 198.33 Kb RT-11 V5.6: DBG-11 Symbolic Debugger User's Guide
rtv56-devhdlr.zip 840.43 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 Device Handlers Manual
rtv56-docg.zip 65.03 Kb RT-11 V5.6: Guide to RT-11 Documentation
rtv56-formats.zip 252.35 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 Volume and File Formats Manual
rtv56-ind.zip 344.84 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 IND Control Files Manual
rtv56-inst.zip 543.30 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 Installation Guide
rtv56-intro.zip 1.02 Mb RT-11 V5.6: Introduction to RT-11
rtv56-ked.zip 621.42 Kb RT-11 V5.6: PDP-11 Keypad Editor User's Guide
rtv56-kedrefc.zip 64.95 Kb RT-11 V5.6: PDP-11 Keypad Editor Reference Card
rtv56-mesag.zip 498.90 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 System Message Manual
rtv56-quickref.zip 273.26 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 Quick Reference Manual
rtv56-relnot.zip 453.54 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 System Release Notes
rtv56-sysgen.zip 288.58 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 System Generation Guide
rtv56-sysint.zip 784.04 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 System Internals Manual
rtv56-syslib.zip 607.26 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 System Subroutine Library Manual
rtv56-sysmac.zip 728.78 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 System Macro Library Manual
rtv56-sysutl1.zip 849.42 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 System Utilities Manual Part I
rtv56-sysutl2.zip 722.61 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 System Utilities Manual Part II
rtv56-update.zip 134.94 Kb RT-11 V5.6: RT-11 Update User's Guide
rthelp.zip 44.32 Kb RT-11 V5.7 Help (HTML)


File Size Description
tsxp-inst.zip 3.74 Mb TSX-Plus Installation Guide
tsxp-progref.zip 10.18 Mb TSX-Plus Programmer's Reference Manual
tsxp-sysmgr.zip 6.17 Mb TSX-Plus System Manager's Guide
tsxp-usrref.zip 8.36 Mb TSX-Plus User's Reference Manual
tsxp631-relnot.zip 1.40 Mb TSX-Plus V6.31 Release Notes


File Size Description
r23110.txt 105.08 Kb Introduction to the system. Usage description.
r23220.txt 50.77 Kb Local multi-machine systems. System programmer's guide.
r23240.txt 170.97 Kb File formats. System programmer's guide.
r23310.txt 1012.99 Kb System tables and libraries. Programmer's guide.
r23320.txt 375.71 Kb Programming external devices. Programmer's guide.


File Size Description
fodos-rt11mon.txt 161.12 Kb System monitor. Programmer's guide.
fodos-dev.txt 303.65 Kb Programming peripheral devices. System programmer's guide.
fodos-macro.txt 56.65 Kb Assembler. Programmer's guide.
fodos-sysmac.txt 204.28 Kb System macrolibrary. Programmer's guide.


File Size Description
ult20-inst.zip 9.76 Mb ULTRIX-11 V2.0: ULTRIX-11 Installation Guide
ult20-prog1.zip 30.74 Mb ULTRIX-11 V2.0: ULTRIX-11 Programmer's Manual Volume 1
ult20-spd.zip 804.15 Kb ULTRIX-11 V2.0: ULTRIX-11 V2.0 Software Product Description
ult20-swdesc.zip 2.80 Mb ULTRIX-11 V2.0: ULTRIX-11 Software Technical Description
ult20-sysmg.zip 16.12 Mb ULTRIX-11 V2.0: ULTRIX-11 System Management Guide
2.11bsd_setup.html 184.58 Kb Installing and Operating 2.11BSD on the PDP-11. June 13, 1995
2.9bsd_setup.html 140.17 Kb Installing and Operating 2.9BSD. March 17, 1998
v6_setup.html 23.35 Kb Setting Up UNIX - Sixth Edition
v7_setup.html 24.85 Kb Setting Up UNIX - Seventh Edition
v7_regen.html 17.42 Kb Regenerating System Software


File Size Description
xxdp_help.txt 13.62 Kb XXDP V2 Help
xxdp25_notes.txt 17.96 Kb XXDP 2.5 Notes
pdpdiag.zip 8.47 Mb PDP11 Diagnostic Handbook. 1988
turnbull.zip 33.57 Kb Notes for XXDP+ and XXDP V2 Operating Systems. Pete Turnbull, February 1993


File Size Description
teco.pdf 325.86 Kb User's Guide And Language Reference Manual. May 1985 Edition.
teco.txt 487.03 Kb User's Guide And Language Reference Manual. May 1985 Edition.
teco.html 83.00 Kb TECO Pocket Guide, 1978
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