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        This page presents information on software and hardware solutions enabling you to use PDP-11 software on contemporary platforms.

Software emulators

        Software PDP-11 emulators allow to run software written for a given architecture directly on modern hardware, without the need for additional equipment.


        One of the best software PDP-11 emulators. Runs under MS-DOS, Linux and Win32. The MS-DOS variant works also under OS/2. Emulates practically all models of PDP-11 and DEC equipment ever released. Commercial product. Demo version with limited functionality is available for free for educational use. Demo version of the program and its description available here.


        Very good emulator, able to emulate practically any DEC setup. Works under Windows NT/2000/XP. Commercial product, discontinued in December 2006. The last demo version 2.3 with some restrictions can be downloaded here.


        Collection of freely redistributable emulators for various architecture, available in source code form. Works under UNIX-like systems, OpenVMS and Windows. Easy to launch on OS/2 using EMX. Detailed information on the software, source codes and software running inside the emulator can be found here.

Project Xhomer

        DEC PRO 350 emulator based on SimH. Project homepage available here.

P11 from Harti Brandt

        One more emulator, available as source code. Works on UNIX-like systems. Sources can be downloaded here.

BK0010/BK0011M emulator

        Emulator of the once widely popular Soviet personal computers of the BK series. In some ways it is also a PDP-11 :). The emulator and software for running inside it can be found here.

Emulator 10/11M by alex savelev

        One more BK0010/BK0011M emulator from Aleksey Savelev. The emulator and software for running inside it can be found here.

UKNC Back to Life!

        Emulator of the Soviet personal computer UK-NC. Project homepage available here.

KR1801-VM2 processor simulator

        Emulator of the KR1801-VM2 processor, compatible with simple PDP-11 processors. Works under MS-DOS. Program and info available here.

Hardware solutions

        PDP-11 coprocessors allow running software written for this architecture on modern computers, using a real processor compatible with the PDP-11, placed on an auxiliary board.

StrobeData Inc.

        StrobeData Inc. releases PCI and ISA PDP-11 coprocessors, Q/Unibus adapters, multiplexers and other equipment, allowing to run PDP-11 software on current hardware.


        ARRAID Inc. offers solutions for hardware emulation of old PDP-11 devices, allowing to utilize the possibilities of modern technology.
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